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Planning to buy a first Motorbike? Don’t be Blindsided!

Planning to buy a first Motorbike? Don’t be Blindsided! For most of us, getting a bike is a dream come true.
I remember the thrill when I first bought my bike. I was in cloud number nine for my first few rides.
It was exhilarating from the roar of the engine, feeling the gears, to the nostalgic fear and pleasure that flooded me.

However, this did not last long as there are some crucial things I came to learn along the way. Of course, I wished I should have known them before but we’re here to prevent a repeat of that mess. As I was budgeting for my bike, all I wanted was a dirt bike. And what did I know about dirt bikes? Nothing!

Therefore, this threw me at the mercy of any trader who’d want to sell me a dirt bike. All they had to do was name a fair price, cheap to buy, tax, and insure, and we got a deal.

However, here are some of the tips you should watch out for before making that purchase:

1.  Start with something you can learn on

As a beginner, getting a heavy engine is not the best choice even though your budget is high. Remember, the weight of the machine should be one you can hold up if you put a foot down. An extremely heavy engine is not one you should train with. It’s the one you get when you’re a pro.

2.  Get your safety gear before the bike

Safety gear includes a helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots. Now, these can be as much as $600 or more. It is therefore advisable to start purchasing your gear earlier to prevent straining your bank account while getting both the bike and the safety gear at once.


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